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What is a Supplier?

In the context of Wordbee Translator, a supplier is a freelance translator, a translation agency, or a corporation providing a service to a client (in form of a job) for the realization of a project.

When you create a list of suppliers, you also have to create login information for them so they can have access to the project documents and complete the tasks that are assigned to them (see: Suppliers logins). Creating a supplier in the system makes it easier to assign jobs, cost work, track progress, and assess performance. People under my company are internal suppliers, whereas freelancers and translation agencies are called external suppliers

Each supplier excels in a certain language and domain(s) of expertise. This is also reported on their information sheet. Learn more about this section here. The supplier will surely provide his/her rates per word and perhaps a discount rate. You must know this information in advance so you can calculate your project cost before providing your client with an estimate.

Suppliers can also be organized in supplier groups, which will include people and companies that match specific selection criteria, like specific translation domains, if they are freelancers, agencies, etc., custom field values, labels, etc. When creating the groups, suppliers' language pairs are not taken into account. This will allow you to propose jobs to pools of suppliers, which will be notified anytime there is a job opening for which they qualify. If the group is assigned to a job, depending on the language combination, the system will only send notifications to the right suppliers in the group. Once the job is taken by one of the suppliers, it will no longer be proposed to the other people in the group and the assignee can start his task.

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