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What is a Job?

When you are creating a project, you have to define the different tasks that will have to be done within the project (translation, revision, certified translation, proofreading, etc).

To do so, you have to create a job for each task and assign them to one or different suppliers (i.e., the translation task is assigned to a translator, the revision task is assigned to a reviser…). After the job is assigned, the supplier will be able to conduct work on the job within the system (or by downloading the document for use in another tool). 

Wordbee Translator helps you find the supplier that best qualifies for a job and informs you if they are available. It also calculates your initial cost.

You cannot create stand-alone jobs in Wordbee Translator. Each job is part of a project.

Multiple jobs can be assigned to a project to properly manage work. For example, within a project, you might have four jobs: 

  1. French to English Translation

  2. German to English Translation

  3. French to English Revision

  4. German to English Revision

The jobs represent one task that must be performed in order to deliver work for the project. It is recommended to create a job for each language pair and task that needs to be completed. This makes it easier to keep track of completed work and to communicate with everyone working on the project.

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